A little bit of backstory


Johnny Deekay was born and raised in Nijkerk, The Netherlands. From a very young age he has had a passion for electronic music. When he got his very first personal computer, he right away started with producing music in this exciting music genre. Soon after that, the very first performances as a dj took place.

In the years after, his unique sound got the attraction of several established artists. He has done remixes for Marcel Woods, Patrick Hagenaar and none other then Fedde Le Grand. Also he has done successful releases on labels such as: Big & Dirty (Be Yourself Music) and Colour Code Music.

In the last couple of years he has been away for a sabbatical due to the loss of loved ones in his personal life. But the love for the music always stayed strong. So with renewed energy and a fresh new look on the current state of the electronic music genre, Johnny Deekay is ready to create some exciting new music in the years to come.

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DJ / Producer / Remixer / Audio Engineer
Nijkerk, Netherlands
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Electro, House, Deep House, Future House

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